Thursday, October 9, 2008

Growing Up!

I can't believe almost 7 weeks have passed since we had Dyson!! He has changed so much!! But he is still so calm and sweet! Such a serious little boy- definitely a thinker!


A few days ago we had just finished family prayer and after it was over Brookie looked at Derick and I and enthusiastically said, "I hope Jesus says yes on this one!

The other day Brookie was trying to do something and was getting very frustrated because it wasn't going well. Ashlyn looked at her and said, "Brookie, sometimes its not easy, and sometimes you have to just start over and try again."

Well said girls!!

7 Years 7 Things...

One week ago Derick and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary so I thought it would be appropriate to share with you all 7 things that I love most about Derick... bear with me...

His love for....
1. Me. He still loves me. Every day.
2. His kids. This includes loving all things girl- such as Barbie Fairytopia. And he changes more diapers than me.
3. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
4. Singing. I fell in love with his voice when I first heard him sing. He still sings to me.
5. Writing. Derick has such a natural ability to write. Especially song-writing. My favorites are the ones inspired by me...go figure.
6. The group Bare Naked Ladies...he keeps me laughing and looking at the fun side of life...even if this band drives me absolutely crazy!
7. Our future. I love his ambition and all the goals he sets for himself. Sometimes hard to keep up with...but inspires me nonetheless...

Okay- thank you all for letting me wax cheesy for a moment... Derick I love you!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


We are finally remodeling our girls bedroom!! Yeah!! We are so excited to get it done! What a blessing! Here are some fun pictures of the work in progress!