Saturday, December 6, 2008

We had such a fun thanksgiving this year! We ran a 5k, had dinner, watched some football, and finished up with some pie and a rousing game of Bingo!! I am so thankful for my family and all that they mean to me. I love you all so much!

Turkey Run!!

This year my family thought it would be fun to start a new Thanksgiving Day tradition. We thought we would all get together in the morning and run our own little 5k in my parent's neighborhood. I think we all decided it was a good way to help cut down on the guilt that would ultimately follow the cramming of turkey, mashed potatoes and other traditional Thanksgiving delicacies into our smiling faces!! So at 9 AM we set out. I had warned the rest of the family that I would be quite a ways behind them, and to proceed at their own-much-faster paces. They all quickly disappeared and I was on my own. I was happy as a lark- listening to the birds chirping in one ear- and my IPod in the other (thank you new Taylor Swift CD.) I was slow- yes- but I was doing it!! Well, I was just coming down the last street- one more street and I was home! I was expecting the well rested cheering and applause that would come from my family who had all finished a good probably 15 minutes before (give or take:) ). So I turned the corner- spotted my parents house- and there was nobody. Where are they? I started running through the possibilites in my head. Behind the cars in the driveway- waiting to surprise me? No... Hiding on the front porch waiting to surprise me...No...once I realized that there would be no surprising going on I started getting a little angry. Did they all go inside to start the eating without me!!??!! Then I saw my mom and my niece Jerrica running up the street towards me. "Audrey are you okay....?" "What happened?" Then I realized that nobody was there because they were all out looking for me! Although they had been previously warned that it may take me some time to finish- the Hofheins Family doesn't leave people behind!! So while I was joyfully in my own little world- patting myself on the back for almost finishing this blasted race- my sweet family thought I had passed out or dropped dead somewhere on the trail, and they were all out canvasing the neighborhood for me!! I guess I took a different street home then the rest of them- and we had just missed each other! So--too late to make a long story short--we all had a fabulous time. It kicked my but- and I was so slow my family thought I had died--:)--but I finished and will look forward to doing it again next year. Maybe next year I will wear some sort of tracking device.

My Baby Girl is 3!!!

Ashlyn and Brookie helping bake the birthday cake!

The finished product-(don't be jealous of my mad cake decorating skills)

Out to lunch!

Ashlyn showing off her new My Little Pony named Pinkie Pie! (Yes...that was the name it came with...)

Ashlyn making her birthday wish!