Monday, July 12, 2010

Memorial Weekend!

Every year my family gets together over the Memorial Day weekend, and this year was no exception! We decided to save some $$ and camped in my mom and dad's backyard. They have an AWESOME is huge, with a "soccer field" big enough for all the kids and adults to play on. They also have an industrial-sized sand box...(also big enough for the adults...) :), and a swing-set. We had so much fun! Even though I am lucky enough to see all of my family pretty regularly, I still get sad when weekends like this end. We all get along so well, and have so much fun together...we all truly are best friends! I am so blessed!

Talent show dance!

Grampy painting fingernails!

Daddy and Dyson!

Brookie playing the nylon game!

Grammy and Grampy in a 3-legged race!

Ashlyn sporting her style for a relay race!

Grammy leading a parade!

Anna and Angela!

Taylor and Ashlyn!

Grampy and Dyson!