Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just like the mirror on the bathroom stand
that I Windex-ed with a swipe of hand-
As crystal-clear as it seemed to me
My reflection echoes backwards---see?
Not perplexing as you thought it be...
even if there are some little streaks.
So blink, blink your eyes and try again
with the lightbulb on- the room not dim.
I'll try my best to move perfectly
so you won't mis-judge mistakenly--
My reflection echoes backwards---see??
Easy. You just mis-understand me.


Nicole said...

Audge, I had no idea you are such a great writer. I love when you share your creations with me. They are so fun to read!

The Reimers Family said...

No title? You are so creative...really!

Karen and Matt said...

You are an awesome writer! Keep your creations coming! =)

leesh said...

can i just say I LOVE YOUR WRITINGS?!! i have some of the most talented sisters in the world!