Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You delicately take the glove out of the worn, wooden box underneath your bed, the one that holds all of your most cherished treasures. You slowly raise it to your face, inhaling deeply, slowly. You slip your fingers delicately into the leather, savoring the way your fingers fit perfectly into their slots. Warm. Safe. A smile creeps across your face as you flex your hand and hear the gentle squeak of time passed. You reach back into your box and find your small vile of precious oil. You unscrew the lid and gently squeeze. Just three drops, right in the center. I stand in the doorway unnoticed, watching your ritual. Your arm flexes as you purposefully rub the oil into the glove. Back and forth. Back and forth. Pressing. Shaping. Back and forth until drops of sweat have beaded across your forehead. You flex your hand again. Again the smile. Silence. Satisfied you bring the glove back to your face. I inhale slowly, deeply. Tears form in the corners of my tired eyes and I let them drop to the floor. Just three. You reluctantly place the glove back into the box and quietly slide it back under the bed. Your eyes move anxiously to the doorway, but it is empty. Just like the glove.


Jason and Audrey said...

Audrey Kay, hey, it's Audrey Gaye. How are you!? Long time no see! My email is If you email me I'll invite you to our blog. I'm going to put your link on mine. Hope you don't mind! By the way, I love the pictures of you darling girls in their Easter dresses! They posed so cute! You have a darling family!

Carmen Eggers said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on ,y blog! You are too nice! I am not so sure about the light at the end of the tunnel as far as school goes. David has at least 2-3 years left depending on what he decides to do. We will see. What is your husband studying? David is doing Electrical Engineering, but he is actually closer to a math degree! I hate that he is gone all the time, but I don't want him to quit either! Us women are never satisfied I guess!